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Málaga University Expert in Blockchain Technologies

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Company intro and use case overview

The 2nd edition of the program University Expert in Blockchain Technologies of the University of Malaga, pioneer in this field in Andalusia, began in January 2020. The overall objective of the degree is to provide a solid knowledge base for the training of professionals in Blockchain technologies, with teachers from Oracle, Telefónica and NuCypher companies, who will show the use of their own platforms, in addition to Accenture and The Workshop, which will show real cases of Blockchain use.

Operational challenges

At the end of the course, graduates can design and create solutions/applications based on Blockchain technologies, as well as continue their training proactively and independently, important aspect due to the highly innovative nature of these technologies. More specifically, the students acquire, among others, the following competencies and skills: know the features of Blockchain systems as well as their application requirements, get a progressive view of technical aspects behind today's major Blockchain systems (Ethereum, Hyperledger, Quorum), develop applications that interact with such systems and finally understand the incentive mechanisms present in Blockchain systems, as well as their role in the operational guarantees of these systems.