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KMP – Kilometros Token Platform

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Company intro and use case overview

Blockchain Platform to manage a Bus Transport company’s tokens (similar to a Loyalty Program). Users buying a ticket receive the same distance (in km) in tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for other free tickets or discounts, and the bus company get more engagements with users.

Operational challenges

As every loyalty program platform, transparency is an important factor for customers who usually don’t know how many points they have, or if those points expired or not. Using Blockchain tech increased the level of Trust on the platform. Current loyalty programs do not let users to really own their tokens(points). They can’t exchange their points for something outside the company. However, in KMP platform users are really owners of their tokens, so they can exchange them, even with other people, for something they really need without no middle-man or permission required, and the Bus Company on the other hand, knows exactly that tokens can’t be duplicated so they can trust on any person bringing their tokens are real company tokens.