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Neural Distributed Ledgers



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Company intro and use case overview

VoteKeeper is a dApp and process management system of an e-Participation model that can configure a tokenizable system of the actions and processes that citizens exercise in democratic environments as an opportunity to guarantee greater participation and thus manage more effective local democratic spaces. It’s a Blockchain solution in e-Democracy platform with a new pattern of management amongst the agents that participate in the public sphere. In order to develop a sustainable, scalable and resilient e-Participation system, we use a new blockchain concept that organizes the blocks as a neural system.

Operational challenges

The concept is expected to be launched in the provincial government of Granada (Diputación) in the second quarter of 2020. The main challenges addressed are to find a new way to empower citizenship and enhance the eParticipation in local governments with the design of a methodological new approach about governance issues in the local institutions.