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Retail & customer applications

Project name: Neural Distributed Ledgers

VoteKeeper is a dApp and process management system of an e-Participation model that can configure a tokenizable system of the actions and processes that citizens exercise in democratic environments as an opportunity to guarantee greater participation and thus manage more effective local democratic spaces. It’s a Blockchain solution in e-Democracy platform with a new pattern of management amongst the agents that participate in the public sphere. In order to develop a sustainable, scalable and resilient e-Participation system, we use a new blockchain concept that organizes the blocks as a neural system.

Project name: KMP - Kilometros Token Platform

Blockchain Platform to manage a Bus Transport company’s tokens (similar to a Loyalty Program). Users buying a ticket receive the same distance (in km) in tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for other free tickets or discounts, and the bus company get more engagements with users.


An Online Casino wanted to increase current customers time on the platform. This same goal is shared between a lot of companies not only from the Gambling industry like this specific case, but from different sectors. This goal was achieved by creating an Ethereum private Blockchain network implementing a new rewards mechanism for customers, generating more engagement and longer times on platform. This initiative generates more engagement over the same user’s base they already had. Customers get CBET coins (from the blockchain). The holders of these coins earn a monthly reward in milibitcoins (mBTC). Customers checking their balance spend more time on the platform.

Project name: BLOCK-TOURISM

Project of development of a direct distribution system for dynamic packages of touristic products based on Blockchain technology Project holders: Guadaltel with the collaboration of the SICUMA group (Cooperative Information System of the University of Malaga)

Project name: DENGUN

Dengun is a Digital Agency located in the Algarve, Portugal, specialized in the design and development of web and mobile applications and integrated marketing strategies.

Project name: CryptAPI

Easy to use, secure and privacy-oriented payment gateway that gives more choices to customers, by accepting payments in multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, USDT and IOTA (more coming soon).